Art & Culture

Close Bond with Art and Culture

The support of art and culture is vitally important to Glas Marte. Glass occupies a prominent place as a design medium. As a specialist in glass processing and finishing, we are repeatedly providing our skills and facilities to creative artists and art.

Partner of the Vorarlberg Architecture Institute vai

For 20 years, the non-profit organization has strived to promote the awareness of architecture in the population and is an important interface between the various players in the regional building culture. Thanks to its innovative interior and exterior products, Glas Marte is an active participant in modern architecture and supports this effort with its own expertise as well as the planning and implementation of a new glass wall for vai's office premises. We know the central importance of spatial openness and transparency for daily life at the office. At the same time, minimalist glass walls give structure and space for personal conversations.

Glas Marte Supports Sculpture

Over the course of the exhibition "Three sculptors" in the Thurn und Taxis gallery of the Professional Association of the Vorarlberg Artists, Glas Marte is providing the exhibition "Interconnect II" by the Vorarlberg artist Willi Kopf free of charge as a loan. Willi Kopf has equipped the second floor with several works of art. His works are summarized under the title "The World of Things". Willi Kopf is a longtime friend of Glas Marte. The individuality of the artist and the process of long-standing joint projects has shaped and inspired us.

Participation in the Artist Exchange Program

The Vorarlberg Cultural Department maintains an artist exchange program to promote artists' networking and to internationalize regional art. As a result, the Spaniard Ainara Elgoibar came to Vorarlberg. She works with golden shimmering sun protection glass, which is used in modern architecture. The artist produces miniature models of such buildings and films the process of creating the glass parts used - from the acceptance of the order to the production - and thus, considers modern design from a different angle. We have invited the artist to Glas Marte, guided her through the company and worked on her selected sun protection glass.

Willi Kopf: "Interconnect", ORF Sculpture Park

"Interconnect", a new sculpture by the sculptor Willi Kopf of Feldkirch was set up in the Funkhaus park and enhances the impressive collection. The huge sculpture, which resembles an oversized piece of sporting equipment or a sci-fi insect, is separated from the world by a large all-glass enclosure.

A.1. Kunsthaus Bregenz, Österreich

For many decades, Glas Marte Bregenz has formed a close bond with art and contemporary culture. As a company in state-capital Bregenz - declared the art mecca of the region - our commitment takes a clear stand. Especially when art and culture is combined with the modern glass building.

A.2. Gerhard Merz: "fragmente bregenz 2003"

Nearly 120 individual works of Gerhard Merz (1968 to 2003) were displayed at the Kunsthaus and were arranged in an enclosed exhibition structure. Works included early photographs, monochromes, text fragments, models, sculptures, neon works, glass and line images, drawings and paintings on graph paper. All together, "fragmente Bregenz 2003", was complex and historically far-reaching. Never before, had the artistic investigation of Gerhard Merz been brought to light and seen in for its current sophistication. Glas Marte Bregenz assisted Gerhard Merz in the realization of his art.

Daniel Buren "Die Farben des Sees"

In the summer / fall of 2002 the continuation of the successful exhibition by Daniel Buren took place at the lake in Bregenz. The project "Die Farben des Sees" (The colours of the lake)," Buren designed a brightly coloured trail of art. The numerous colour variations invited many connotations and viewing options.

Daniel Buren "Les Couleurs Traversées"

In the spring of 2002, art and glass lovers enjoyed the exhibition by Daniel Buren at the Kunsthaus in Bregenz. Under the title "Les Couleurs Traversées" (Colours Crossing), the mirror coatings, which were support by Glas Marte Bregenz, were shown.

Gerry Ammann "Vom Dazwischen der Dinge und Bilder - Platons Höhle

Gerry Ammann, born 1962 in Bregenz, comes from a middle-class home in Wolfurt. After leaving school he wanted to see the world. So he went to the United States, Morocco and Italy with a long stay in Florence. It was only at 22 that he began his studies in Vienna with Bruno Gironcoli. Exhibition: Spring 2001