Glas Marte - Our history

The punctual mount product range will continue to expand by means of further selfdevelopment. International reference objects like the art gallery in Bregenz or the light ceilings of the Sony-Center in Berlin strengthen the call for more projects using innovative glass construction. Glas Marte is a member of the renowned technical association for constructive glass construction - FKG. Production spaces have doubled and special activities in glass refinement are shaping the beginning of the millennium. 

Our claim

We strive to actively render the demands of the architecture in our region. The frugality of our Alemannic ancestors is the foundation of our construction. Vorarlberg's architects search for a balance between the preference of the client and a clear recognition of traditionally based architecture. To achieve this balance requires a specialised business that is both active and open-minded.

2000 till today 

In the summer of 2000, Glas Marte started the production of safety glass under the trade name SECURMART. The performance of the company significantly expanded. 
On Brachsenweg in Bregenz, Europe's most modern production and storage hall - 140 metres long and 5, 100 m² - for the most innovative insulated glass production and security glass factory was soon to be finished. By means of a fully automated production line, insulated glass elements are produced with a maximum mass of 3,210 x 7,200 mm. In 2015, Glas Marte expanded its production area: Since then, the company manufactures at its second location in Itter (Tyrol), too. Today, Glas Marte has more than 300 employees.