Principles and the Future

  • Our firm is a family owned business.

  • We are manufacturers of UNIGLAS - insulated glass, SECURMART -
    tempered safety glass and we have at our disposal our own innovative,
    glass construction.

  • Glas Marte Bregenz observes and analyses the technical and creative
    requirements of the architecture and endeavours to create a practical solution.

  • We are growing in order to expand our market position.

  • Our economic direction should be supported by the future alignment of technical
    and organisational measures.

  • We maintain a goal-oriented, co-operative style of leadership.We promote ideas
    that lead in the direction of obtainable consumer use. Identification, readiness to
    perform and the adaptability of our employees are the basis of our success.

  • We particularly support the activities of independent, middle-size companies of
    glass/metal construction.

  • We carry a responsibility for the good reputation of our customers.
    Their competitiveness is our greatest challenge.