Competence from one source.

Glass Construction

We build with light.

We build with light and provide some else in the shade.

Proper assembly has become probably the most important part in the performance. In GLAS MARTE 9 employees have a master craftsman and all mounting specialists are trained technicians Metal or glass construction. Currently 19 apprentices are trained in our company.

What use are the most elaborate engineering services if the execution by the subcontractor of the subcontractor is provided and neglected decisive execution criteria, in most cases, or not paid at all?

18 installation teams are on the way in the local area but also throughout Central Europe for our customers. Specially designed assembly aids such as lifts, hoists, vacuum batteries or crane attachments, as well as an undisturbed and well-communicated information flow, beginning with the consultation and ending with the purchase, ensure a smooth process and a very high degree of perfection of the actual performance.