Competence from one source.

Glass Construction Engineering

Planning, investigation and preparation of working drawings using AutoCAD / CAD are an essential part of our service. The close cooperation with architects and clients is a prerequisite for successful work. Depending on the task, special planners or structural engineers be consulted in order to achieve the desired result.

By own static programs preliminary dimensioning can be done in-house. Execution and work plans are used for fine-tuning before performance be discussed and submitted for approval.

Technician with a sound basic knowledge and product and application expertise associated care of your building project.<//span> By our own insulating and safety glass production with cutting-edge special glass processing solutions are available even in the shortest time and the required precision.

For metal construction parts is the own metal or associated engineering firm available. This dual advantage of production and assembly of a house shortened delivery times and reduced construction time, cost and<//span> the hassle, because we<//span> are your partner for all your needs.<//span><//span>