Laminated Safety Glass


The Laminated Safety Glass from Glas Marte

For overhead glazing, partition walls and sport facilities requiring increased security. For locations where the glass must withstand a heavy load. With VSG LAMIMART® from Glas Marte, you are on the safe side.


VSG LAMIMART® consists of at least two glass panels, which are bonded together with a viscoelastic, highly tear-resistant film to form a unit.
The glass panels, with the film set between them in pre-lamination, are heated by infrared radiators and pressed together with a roller press. In the autoclave a durable glass composite and film is then created under heat and pressure. Several panels using either the same or different glass types and thicknesses can be bonded together allowing for the advantage of different glass combinations. We place the same high standard of quality with VSG LAMIMART® as we do with all our products. In order to ensure this, the production is subject to ongoing self-inspection and external monitoring.


VSG LAMIMART® is particularly robust and, therefore, recommended for security-related locations for both indoors and outdoors. In case of mechanical or thermal overload the glass breaks, but the fragments adhere to the connecting film. The glass therefore has a high load capacity and residual stability. In addition, the elastic film makes it difficult to penetrate the glass elements, thereby offering increased protection against injury, burglary and vandalism.


Laminated safety glass adapts to your projects: Depending on which type film is applied, different functions arise, such as sound, heat or sun protection. VSG LAMIMART® also has aesthetic standards. Through colour films or the use of screen-printed glass the design possibilities are endless.

Possible areas of application:

• Overhead glazing
• Fall protection
• Facades
• Sport facilities
• Partitions
• Accessible glass

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