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GM RAILING® specializes in integrated glass-module solutions of the highest quality.

Through the perfect combination of glass and metal, innovative products that go far beyond glazing in the proper sense will result. The secret is that the factory-made glass and metal are under precisely defined conditions and under the control of a mature quality management system that are linked to one unit.

Another idea for the product was the introduction of a system that could do without drilling holes in the glass and could, thus, generate a wealth of other benefits.

GM RAILING® combines sophisticated technology with an optically appealing and delicate appearance. Over 100 glass elements were tested in extensive trails.


Extensive glass breakage tests by an officially certified and authorized material testing institute, numerous inspection test certificates that have been backed by extensive structural analysis and the assurance that all attempts have been done according to TRAV Cat B – all allow the product to be used without hesitation. Further static calculations, pre-dimensioning or tests are no longer required.


The modular principle reduces construction and planning costs. The substructure and the railings do not have to be newly developed again and again. Intricate and detailed component drawings for custom solutions of glass and its mounting points are a thing of the past.


The glass elements are optimally embedded. For mounting, GM Railing® dispenses with drilling holes in the glass. The glass is mounted and embedded in an accurately manufactured elastic suspension profile. The mounting position corresponds in every application case exactly to that of the test situation.


Infinite adjustability guarantees a sophisticated and highly variable appearance. The prefabricated glass-construction modules are mounted in previously assembled sub-structure profiles and bolted together with special spacers. This fastening allows for an optimal glass mounting and a tolerance compensation at rail height of approximately plus/minus two centimetres. The glass-construction modules are adjustable to an exact degree without changing the perfect positioning of the glass in the mounting area.


The installation and servicing of GM Railing® offers many design advantages. A simple change of the glass-construction module is guaranteed since the entire module can easily be taken out and replaced.