flexible, safe, ingeniously simple


Glass railing modules for French windows offers modern architecture transparency, openness and lightness along with an unobstructed view outside.

GM WINDOORAIL® Frameless is a fixed unit and consists of a glass element with four free sides, polished edges and in the corners at least 4 glass mounting brackets. The prefabricated modules are mounted without tools directly on the preassembled base plates in the window.

As a general rule, GM WINDOORAIL® Frameless glass railings are mounted on the vertical window profiles with at least four fastening elements. It is also possible to place WINDOORAIL® Frameless glass railing over multiple windows at a time.

Product advantages

  • Maximum security, TRAV, ÖNORM,SIGaB compliant test
  • Prefabricated structural components for fast installation time
  • Modular installation and removal, simple assembly
  • If desired, pre-assembled by the window manufacturer
  • Perfect product documentation
  • Short delivery time
  • Complete support