GM Class Construction

Brochures Glass Construction

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Free your mind

Brochures Glass Interior

Glass in the Bathroom

Individual design options with glass in the bathroom

Automatic Doors

record system 20 - The trendsetting automatic-door system

Brochures Glass Exterior

GM U-Shaped Glass

Profiled glass for glass facades and glass walls

GM Balustrade

Glass railings from Glas Marte

Around the house

Glass Exterior

GM Crane

Boundless glass architecture with know-how mounted. From small flexible to the big cranes with XXXL-outreach.

Brochures Modular Glass Construction


Modular glass partitions in the sanitary area


Glass partitions


The all-glass eaves for the attic

Brochures Constructive Glass Construction

GM Structural Glass Construction

We build visions - As you see ... you see nothing!


The self-supporting garden pavillon with a 360° panorama

Brochures GM Workshops

GM Photo printing on Glass

Customized design

Glass furniture & Display Cases

Transparent elegance

GM Showcase

The showcase with innovative loading mechanism

Glass conservation and restoration

So That History Remains in the Present and is Preserved for the Future.


Structure glass from Glas Marte


Textiles under Glass