Aesthetic glass partition wall, efficient installation


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We always attach great importance to two aspects of our products: On the one hand, the glass – and not its fastening – should be in the foreground. On the other, the assembly of the elements must be as simple as possible. We don't make any exception with our glass partition wall systems.

Slender silhouette
Thanks to their extremely slender profiles, which have a facing width of only 22 mm, the GM GLASS PARTITION WALL SYSTEMS are characterised by a very delicate appearance. They can be used flexibly and are suitable for almost any room situation as well as almost every design wish. For example, the planner can freely choose the position of the door and decide, among other things, whether he wants to install a simple opening wing, a floor-to-ceiling door or a door with a fanlight. In the same way, he can adjust the width of the individual glass fields to local conditions and determine whether they should be connected using silicone, glazing gaskets or transparent adhesive strip. Of course, it is also possible to quite simply make the joints open. And there are almost no limits imposed on the planner in terms of the dimensions and sound insulation degree of the glass wall. As standard, Glas Marte offers the partition wall profiles in the colours stainless steel matt, silver anodised and chrome. On request, however, we also coat them in any desired RAL colour. This shows: The GM FRAME PROFILES are suitable for individual systems up to large-format object applications.


Efficient installation
At the same time, the GM FRAME PROFILES impress with their simple installation. This is based on the continuous further development of the profile cross-sections and the consistent alignment to the axes of the partition wall construction. All fittings, locks and the profile system itself are very compact. Regardless of whether you use very thin or 16 mm-thick sound reduction glass, the total installation depth is limited to 40 mm. This clear structure enables quick and clean work preparation and execution. As a result, the sources of error for the craftsman have been significantly minimised. The processor can quickly and efficiently assemble the partition walls in dry glazing. Entirely in accordance with the motto: beautiful to look at, easy to install.

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