The beauty of the invisible

Elegant glass architecture

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Beauty lies in the invisible. In the pure glass surface. Undisturbed by stabilising constructions, not interrupted by supports, mullions or transoms. The material best unfolds its full effect on its own. Merging seamlessly with the environment, immersed in the environment, becoming one with the room – barely perceptible profiles and maximum glass use make this architecture unique.

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Expressive: Our colour worlds

Quite discreet or brightly shining. Full-surface, partial surface or with individual pattern. Glas Marte offers hundreds of colour nuances applied by screen printing (GM PRINTMART®), roller printing (GM TSG COLORMART®) or incorporated in the form of coloured LSG films (GM LSG LAMIMART®).

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Prizewinning: our awards

When it comes to our products, we are uncompromising. We are only satisfied when functionality, safety, aesthetics and simple installation work perfectly together. In order to be absolutely sure, we regularly subject our developments to an independent quality control. In addition, we repeatedly face the critical eye of an expert jury. Here's how Glas Marte solutions compare: excellent, as our awards prove.