Construction with glass

Glas Marte for processors

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What makes your day-to-day work easier?

  • simple solutions
  • fast assembly
  • comprehensive manufacturer information

Glas Marte solutions have a high degree of prefabrication. On the building site, they only need a few steps to install – sometimes even without tools. As our partner, you will of course find the necessary support in the form of installation instructions, technical drawings or planning manuals. We keep costs transparent through price lists and our convenient online calculator.

Expressive: our colour worlds

Quite discreet or brightly shining. Full-surface, partial surface or with individual pattern. Glas Marte offers hundreds of colour nuances applied by screen printing (GM PRINTMART®), roller printing (GM TSG COLORMART®) or incorporated in the form of coloured LSG films (GM VSG LAMIMART® COLOR).

Download colour worlds

Up close: Our customer centre

You can directly experience our glass solutions in our showroom in Bregenz. See their quality and functionality for yourself! Our expert staff will be happy to assist you.


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7:30 am to 12:00 noon