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Overlapped glass facades

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The Laitschek company from Klein-Winternheim has implemented colourful and sophisticated roofing in its neighbourhood: The differently coloured LSG panes of the glass facade of the car cleaning facility even put you in a good mood when vacuuming your car!

Fastening with GM BRACKET S
The individual panes in the rear-ventilated glass facade are arranged with a small overlap. They are fastened by the GM BRACKET S glass edge holding system. Glas Marte designed it specifically for this purpose. This eliminates any drilling or other machining of the glass panes. Local stress concentrations in the drilling area and the associated problems with calculation and construction tolerances are therefore not an issue. In addition, the requirements for the dimensional accuracy of the overall construction are somewhat lower. Last but not least, simple and efficient assembly is guaranteed – the few necessary components enable particularly fast implementation.

Overlapped glass facades: Technology & functionality
Due to its outdoor use, GM BRACKET S is of course made of high-quality corrosion-resistant and weatherproof materials. The system is available for overlapped glass facades mill finished, anodised or in all common RAL colours. The glass is adjusted and clamped into the holder with the soft bearing insert and with a special fastening system. The glass edge holding system is suitable for 8–12 mm GM TSG SECURMART® or GM LSG LAMIMART® as well as for substructures made of wood, aluminium or steel profiles. Last but not least, it has type-static calculations.


GM BRACKET S: Typical applications
» Curtain facades for buildings as well as porch, stairwell and multi-storey car park glazing
» for sun, wind and weather protection
» for rear ventilation


If you are planning a similar colourful object like the Laitschek company, you will certainly find something suitable in our GM LSG LAMIMART® COLOR range, which encompasses 17,000 colours!


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