Ideal glass windscreen for balcony, loggia and patio

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Renovation measures on residential buildings are mainly concerned with optimising the dwelling value. Balconies are not only an important part of a beautiful facade design, but also offer an opening of the apartments to the outside. Thus, they contribute to well-being and to better rentability of living space. This is precisely why it is extremely important for architects and housing associations to make outdoor spaces attractive – in such a way that they are used at almost any time of year.


The GM TOPROLL® 10/14 system is ideal for balcony glazing with floor-to-ceiling TSG glass sliders (maximum height approx. 2,800 mm) for sophisticated balcony and facade optics. The system can be executed in 2, 3 and 4-track versions and the sliding leaves can be moved to the right and left. The balcony glazing can be opened to 75% and is lockable by a pressure cylinder lock.