Twice as good: GM RAILING® DOUBLE

Glass railing system with U-channel

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The latest development from Glas Marte is rightly called GM RAILING® DOUBLE. The new fastening system for glass railings has at least two advantages: Firstly, the new adhesive technology makes it even simpler and faster to assemble, and secondly, the design principle creates slim, aesthetic dimensions at low cost. Last but not least, the new glass railing system also has a General Building Authority Test Certificate (abP P-2021-3012).

Even easier to assemble

We have revised our proven GM RAILING® fixing principle and raised it to a completely new level. With all GM RAILING® glass railings, the profile and glass are already connected in the factory to make a prefabricated construction module. The advantages of absolutely uniform and stress-free glass fastening, without wedges, pressure points and stress peaks, have long been valued in the industry.

What's new about GM RAILING® DOUBLE is that the substructure consists of a minimally dimensioned U-channel (80 x 100 mm). This makes it much more slender and aesthetic than well-known products in the same category. Smart systems are characterised by the clever combination of the advantages of different materials. The GM RAILING® DOUBLE glass railing dissipates the acting forces evenly into both legs of the U-channel. This patented system is not only smaller, but also significantly more stable and durable than conventional U-channel solutions that easily bend and deform. The simple, adjustable position of the U-channel itself and the amazingly practical glass adjustment through the use of a fast-curing injection compound convince the experts. The different glass thicknesses of 16, 20 and 24 mm can be fitted in the same profile and are ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor use.


During the development, we paid particular attention to the sealing and the fact that the glass edge does not come into contact with standing water. The full-surface and tight bonding of glass and profile is very durable and compatible with silicone construction seals. It meets the requirements of fire protection class A1.

The combination with facade cladding and sealing connections has also been optimised. For example, facade sheets including joint connection sheets, sealing webs or foils can easily be connected. And if that is not enough, a second sealing level can be created by clipping on deflection profiles.

With GM RAILING® DOUBLE, Glas Marte has succeeded in developing a fastening system for glass railings that is truly twice as good!



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