Three pavilions for Continental

Motivating employees and promoting team building

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In order to provide their employees with an exceptional environment in which to work and relax, Continental's management had the GM PAVILLON360 built three times. Thanks to their minimalist design, which completely dispenses with supports and pillars, the pavilions are an aesthetic eye-catcher. In addition, they can be equipped with numerous extra highlights.

Driver assistance systems are developed at the Continental site in Lindau on Lake Constance. This is a task for which employees have to bring along a lot of creativity and team spirit in addition to extensive technical knowledge. In order to promote this, the management decided to create an appropriate working environment and erected three glass pavilions on the company premises. All three have an inner area of 3 x 3 m: Our GM PAVILLON360 is on the one hand an aesthetic eye-catcher and on the other gives the user an uninterrupted all-round view. In 2011 the product was awarded the Red Dot Design Award.

Glass house with style
Since the pavilions have neither pillars nor supports, they appear to be very delicate and fragile. Thanks to their special design, however, they can withstand even large loads effortlessly: They are placed on a concrete foundation, the roof and floor being made of hot dip galvanized steel structures. In each pavilion, four glass elements are arranged in pairs in a windmill-like fashion and support the ceiling. Due to its cladding, the latter looks like a reflection of the floor. In the basic version, the floor and ceiling are covered with IPE wood, which is extremely stable in shape and low in splinters. In order to meet all design requirements, Glas Marte offers the pavilion in different versions. For example, reddish shimmering teak wood can be used instead of the IPE wood. For all those who want to push the topic of glass to the extreme, we also supply the pavilion with a floor made of walkable safety glass, which can be safely walked on thanks to an anti-slip screen printing. In this case, the ceiling cladding is made of safety glass, to which an opaque foil is glued. The Continental managers opted for larch wood for their three glass buildings. It gives them a bright and friendly look. So that the pavilions can be used all year round, Glas Marte equipped them with infrared heating. In summer, a large roof projection, four-sided internal shading and the possibility to open all sliding doors at the same time protect against excess heat.


The special extra
On request we install a free-hanging design fireplace in the pavilions. It has a double-shelled stainless steel catching system and can be rotated by 360°. In this way, it provides pleasant warmth and pleasant light in any desired position. A refrigerator, which can be lowered flush into the floor and which the manufacturer installs at additional cost, holds perfectly cooled drinks and snacks, thus supplementing the comfort. With a capacity of about 40 litres, it automatically rises up out of the floor at the touch of a button and disappears into it again as soon as it has done its duty. Since Glas Marte prefabricates a large part of the pavilion in the factory, it can be built quickly on site. In the project in Lindau, only ten days were required to erect all three pavilions. Two of them are equipped with seating for brainstorming. They are used for relaxing and communicative exchange. The third pavilion can be booked by the staff. It contains a desk and a treadmill. The Continental employees find a pleasant working environment here, which differs considerably from the usual office space. The fact that the pavilions are used often and gladly proves that the Lindauer company has made a good investment with the Glas Marte pavilions.


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