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UNIGLAS® 5G insulating glass

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Modern insulation glazing insulates so well that even data reception and telephone calls are restricted indoors. With our new UNIGLAS® 5G insulating glass, this problem is a thing of the past. The product enables the transmission of all common mobile radio frequencies, including 5G.

Optimal Reception

The permanent, maintenance-free coating of UNIGLAS® 5G improves the transmission of mobile radio signals several times over – reception is perfect. The thermal insulation properties and the strength of the insulating glass are retained as well.

Less Electrosmog

Conventional, highly insulating glazing provokes smartphones and tablets to increase their transmission power for receiving data. This leads to a high radio load indoors. By allowing significantly more radio signals to penetrate from the outside through the windows, mobile devices can reduce their transmission power. The result is less electrosmog indoors. Further the battery is preserved by the lower output power of the device, which results in a longer lifetime.

Advantages of UNIGLAS® 5G

  • optimum reception, even with 5G
  • reduced electro smog
  • permanent and maintenance-free
  • Ideal thermal insulation
  • available as float glass or LSG
  • any size can be made
  • longer battery operating time