New variant of GM RAILING® FRONT

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GM RAILING® FRONT is used to increase the height of balustrades and masonry or concrete parapets. The glass railing system is attached on the side facing the building. No matter from which angle of vision - the viewer sees only glass, no fasteners or vertical uprights. The anti drop device thus has an extremely light and aesthetic look.

3 Versions

  • NEW! GM RAILING® FRONT AIT SOLO: Substructure: Steel brackets, variable profile height (> 150 mm)
  • GM RAILING® FRONT AIO (all in one): Substructure: Aluminium extruded profile, one-piece, profile height 140 mm
  •  GM RAILING® FRONT AIT (all in two): Substructure: Aluminium extruded profile, two-piece, profile height variable (> 150 mm)
Product details

Easy Assembly

As with all glass railing systems, installation is extremely simple and is done in two steps: First of all, steel lugs are mounted on the parapet, wall or concrete element, then the GM RAILING® FRONT AIT SOLO is hooked into these lugs. The glass module is already prefabricated in the factory. This guarantees optimum, uniform glass support without stress peaks. The unique degree of prefabrication of Glas Marte glass railings is the best prerequisite for efficient, cost-optimised planning processes and on-time, high-quality results. The new GM RAILING® FRONT planning manual provides support.