Flush glass front

Large-area stepped insulating glass

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Nestled between the mountainside and the village road is the elongated office building of the m2 Railgroup in La Valle (South Tyrol).

One with nature

Instead of structurally intervening in nature, the object nestles on the side of the mountain, following the natural conditions in its form: At first glance, the slight kink in the upper floor is barely perceptible and yet present. The upstairs offices offer views of the stony rock face and the wooded hills of the surrounding area. The counterpart of the surrounding landscape can be found in the design of the interior rooms – completely decorated in earthy tones. The planners opted for the generous use of windows: Over the entire length of the cantilever superstructure extends a window front that looks as if it is from a single cast. It is only interrupted by extremely narrow window profiles. Their black colour was also taken up in the lower and upper part of the window glass to hide the floor and ceiling construction. The result is a storey made entirely of glass. Mountains and sky are reflected in the exterior facade – hence, the apparent fusion of exterior and interior is complete.

Stepped insulating glass

Stepped insulating glass was used to achieve the full effect of a glass facade: The UNIGLAS® INSULATING GLASS was glued to an aluminium support structure in our factory. All that had to be done on site was to hook in the prefabricated elements between the floor and ceiling construction. Thanks to the prefabrication, the attractive glass facade was completed quickly and effectively.

Architect: Lukas Mayr