Airport Lounge with Glas Marte Design

Glass partition wall with integrated wire mesh

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Members of United Airlines have recently been able to relax before and after their flight in the exclusive lounge at New York's Newark airport. Measuring more than 30,000 square feet, it offers every amenity from showers to workstations with USB ports, from table football to a snack buffet. In the centre is a bar with a glass rear wall and partition walls which made from Glas Marte LSG with laminated honeycomb wire mesh.

Glass Partition Walls with Wire and Cross bars

The expansive, highly-popular area with a view of New Jersey City and New York is a welcoming space for all types of traveller, from families with small children to business travellers. To separate the individual zones from one another stylishly, the designers opted for Glas Marte partition walls. With specialist design: The basis was a laminated safety glass made of ultra-white TSG, which was screen printed to achieve a milky effect. EVA film, which absorbs no moisture, was chosen for the lamination. We inserted honeycomb wire mesh framelessly into the space between the glass elements, which complements the urban ambience of the lounge area. Grey walls and floor, black and wood furnishings and red brick. Modern colour accents are set with the seating, books and well-placed accessories. Stable and securely anchored into the floor, the three glass room dividers are a further visual highlight: Glas Marte finished the special glazing panels with black frames and cross bars. We attached these to the outer surface with silicone. The final design visually picks up the black window frames and is repeated in the glass back wall of the coffee and drinks bar, for which Glas Marte also supplied the glass.

Glas Marte System

GM RAILING® UNI, ideal for a wide range of installation situations and usually used for glass railings, was used for the room dividers. As wind screening or full-height room dividers, the system is also attached to the ceiling with a U-channel. This was not needed for the glass partition walls in the airport lounge, which are just two meters high. As with all Glas Marte glass railing systems, this was also prefabricated and therefore delivers optimal glass support and quick and easy assembly.