Bent glass railings with screen print

Huyssen Quartier Essen (HQE)

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The Huyssen Quartier Essen was completed in summer 2022. The building in a top inner-city location consists of five construction units, each with its own name: The most conspicuous is probably the solitary tower house called PHIL, whose facade impresses with its Glas Marte glass railing system.


PHIL is 60 metres high. That is not only unusual for the city of Essen, but also a rarity in the entire Ruhr region. It thus shapes the skyline of the city and takes on a pioneering role in the realisation of further high-rise buildings in the area. The solitaire is located in the immediate vicinity of the Aalto Theatre. The planners have taken up its curved shape and lines and integrated them into the facade of the residential high-rise building: The balconies surround the building like waves. These are secured by bent all-glass railings with three screen print motifs, designed by Glas Marte. The vertical lines also pick up on the facade cladding of the art institute. The building required six different glass panes in three bending radii, with multiple quantities of each. In total, our reliable partner Glas Neumann installed 1,240 metres of GM RAILING® DOUBLE SIDE on the balconies. This glass railing system was mainly selected due to the simple assembly: on the one hand, the prefabricated glass modules can be installed from above, i.e. theoretically even without scaffolding. On the other, the system can be completely integrated into the sheet metal facade. The latter is installed in advance before simply hooking in the GM RAILING® DOUBLE SIDE. Glas Marte implemented this system in a bent form for the first time with this building, but no doubt not for the last time.



Based on a mixed-use principle for living, working and recreation, the complex houses a total of 109 apartments on a total floor area of around 10,000 m², 6,600 m² of office space and 750 m² of retail space. HQE meets the increased demand for inner-city living space with its partly subsidised residential units. With the revitalisation of an existing property integrated into the complex, as well as the direct connection to culture, restaurants and infrastructure, the Huyssen Quartier Essen contributes significantly to the development of the district. In addition to the modern amenities of the residential and commercial building, the greened inner courtyard contributes to a balanced mix of living, work and recreation as a retreat and is provided with numerous play possibilities.

Informations about the Construction Project:

Address: Huyssenallee 58–64, Essen

Glass railings: Glas Marte

Assembly: Werner Neumann GmbH

General Contractor: ZECH Bau

Projektentwicklung: immostore, Kerstin Memering

Architects: Nattler Architekten, VSI Architekten

Facade: HPP Architekten GmbH Düsseldorf

Structural Planning: Schüßler-Plan