Ingeniously simple: GM WINDOORAIL®

Glass railings for French windows

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Our tested glass railings for French windows have decisive advantages: cushioning of the forces of momentum by a simple mechanism – approved by the DIBt, fast, tool-free assembly as well as design freedom regardless of design and window type. This was also the view of the jury of the Iconic Awards, where GM WINDOORAIL® FRAMELESS was chosen as the winner.

GM WINDOORAIL® system meets the highest safety requirements and complies with relevant standards and guidelines (general building authority test certificate A-13-008). As a variant with free glass edges on all sides, GM WINDOORAIL® FRAMELESS has the General Building Authority Approval Z-70.5-201 and makes anti drop devices transparent like never before.


Prefabricated in the factory, the glass railing modules are hooked directly into the pre-assembled base plates on the window on the building site – without tools. The attachment to the window profiles enables tolerance compensation and absorbs the changes in length due to temperature fluctuations on the facade. As a rule, GM WINDOORAIL® glass railings for French windows are mounted on the vertical window profiles with at least four fastening elements. They are mounted directly on the window frame (plastic, wood, wood-aluminium, aluminium or steel).

Gentle arresting instead of hard blocking
Impact tests according to EN 12600 prove: If forces of momentum act on the railing, they are cushioned by a simple but very effective mechanism. For example, if a person falls against the anti drop device, the glass railing gives way in a controlled manner. It changes its position in the fastening point in the vertical to about 40 mm upwards and in the horizontal to about 35 mm outwards. This cushioning achieves a clear extension of the time component in the force-time diagram. The impact is not abruptly blocked, but strongly cushioned by the local displacement. The result is much gentler material stress. Screw connections and connected building materials such as window frame and glazing can thus withstand extreme loads without damage. After swinging out, the anti drop device can easily be returned to its basic position. The possible change of position of the railing has no influence on shading – it only has to be planned when positioning solar protection.


Design of the GM WINDOORAIL® series –
(deviating values can be realised on request):
» Railing height from 500 to 1,100 mm
» Railing width from 500 to 2,500 mm
» Tie-bar loads up to 1,000 N/m in fall direction, up to 500 N/m in traffic direction
» Wind loads up to 1,000 N/m
» depending on the series: general building authority test certificate A-13-008 or general building authority approval Z-70.5-201
» static calculation: 08HT272


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