Glass partition between outside and inside

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Winter is over and leisure is moving to the outdoors. Is a conservatory still needed? No, not in the conventional sense. An elongated living room – completely closed, rigid and with solid window frames – only darkens the living area behind it. However, a covered patio, with nothing but clear glass to separate indoors and outdoors, supported by slender profiles and flexibly openable and closable, is something completely different. We say decidedly: Yes!

Why Glas Marte?


Sophisticated technology
From the development of the system to the surface design, you get everything from a single source. All systems are in-house developments. We use only high-quality, weather-resistant materials and attach great importance to easy assembly and maintenance.


System variety
GM SLIDING SYSTEMS blend seamlessly into the architecture of the house without changing its character. Suspended from above or guided below, floor-to-ceiling from a parapet to the ceiling – sliding systems from Glas Marte meet all structural requirements.


Very simple operation
Our sliding elements are not folded to the side, they are operated in a line. Installation therefore makes sense even where space is limited. Thanks to the low running rails, barrier-free access is possible. In addition, several glass panes can be coupled with the help of the comfort package and thus moved at the same time.


Maximum flexibility
When completely closed, GM SLIDING SYSTEMS offer protection against wind, weather and noise and, when half or completely open, connect the outside world with the private living area. The glassy transparency gives you the feeling of being outdoors even when the sliding doors are closed. Nevertheless, the protection against unfavourable weather conditions or noise remains.


Creative freedom
Not all glass is the same. We have a wide range of possibilities to design the sliding doors according to the planners' ideas and thus to realise a full or partial sight screen.

GM SLIDING SYSTEMS: durable, precisely fitting and functional