Ideal room climate

thanks to timber construction and UNIGLAS® INSULATING GLASS

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At the Vorarlberg Timber Construction Award, the detached house from Lingenau convinced due to the well-thought-out planning (HK Architekten) and execution: The result is a compact house from a single mould – inside, top and bottom with timber.

Ideal insulation
There are many good reasons for the timber construction method: the active contribution to climate protection due to the associated CO2 reduction, the space-saving construction method, a balanced indoor climate due to the "breathing" timber building material, a shortened construction time – and last but not least the thermal insulation by timber. A timber house offers protection against the cold in winter as well as against heat in summer. Temperature fluctuations are absorbed with a phase shift of up to 14 hours. This has a positive effect on the room climate and the organism of the inhabitants. This excellent insulation of the timber construction method is rounded off by the choice of suitable windows – optimal energy values are the result. Those who build with timber and thus contribute to regional added value will in the ideal case also opt for an insulating glass manufacturer from the region. Fortunately Glas Marte was not far away during the construction of this detached house in the Bregenzerwald: With our UNIGLAS® INSULATING GLASS, thermal insulation and energy generation are promoted. For the benefit of the room air inside the building. With the large-scale use of windows, the rural environment is brought into the house. The resulting fusion of the landscape with the wooden interior of the house forms a cosy cocoon, the sight of which already radiates a soothing calm.


A thermal transmission coefficient of Ug 0.4 W/m²K can be achieved with UNIGLAS® TOP ONE from Glas Marte. There are no better values to be found anywhere in the industry. The resulting savings in heating costs are ecologically valuable and economically sensible. Secured by an extensive collection of building law proofs, the requirements for modern facade and window constructions are documented in a comprehensible and objective manner. Glas Marte has a wide range of double and triple insulating glass – according to every construction situation and object use. An energy-efficient building envelope is thus certain for the builders.


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