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The days get longer, the lined jacket gives way to a lighter model, and leisure time gradually shifts outside. However, as soon as the sun slowly sinks below the horizon, the air cools significantly. No reason to immediately pack up and retreat to the house! The pillar-free GM PAVILLON360 from Glas Marte shifts your own living room outside. From the all-glass design pavilion you have everything in view, can enjoy the remaining evening sun or warm yourself by the free-hanging, open fireplace. Stylishly, the built-in refrigerator rises from the floor and provides you with small snacks or a nice glass of white wine. Viewpoint and experience room at the same time.

The paired glass elements with their windmill-like arrangement spread out their warming blanket protectively, just as they let the view wander into the distance without interruption. The sophistication lies in the transparent and fragile elegance, the seamless integration into the outdoor area, and at the same time resistance to the highest stress.


Each GM PAVILLON360 is unique. All elements can be designed according to your own ideas and needs. Challenge us!


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