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Free space for your own thoughts – with the new elementary and middle school in Hard on Lake Constance, a new learning concept is being pursued that is adapted to the individual needs of the children. The premises were designed accordingly: In its design, which emerged the victor from 40 international submissions, the Dornbirn-based architect's office "Baumschlager Hutter Partners" takes advantage of the school's special location – its proximity to the lake and the unobstructed view towards the lake shore – and aligns the building with its usable area of 11,800 m2 towards the water. The interior rooms allow a high degree of flexibility: The school on the lake is divided into so-called clusters, each consisting of three classrooms, two group rooms, a spacious learning landscape with an outdoor area, a staff room and a kitchenette. Smaller schools in the middle of a large common school, so to speak. This enables the approximately 700 six to fourteen-year-olds to learn in cross-year classrooms which, depending on the need, open up cooperation or retreat opportunities.

For the implementation, Glas Marte was entrusted with the installation of a GM ALL-GLASS SYSTEM, supported by the Lenz Nenning company. The floor-to-ceiling glass elements give the individual rooms structure without weighing them down, ensuring a bright, light-flooded interior. A total of 1,600 individual panes were installed, these being held by slender, barely visible profiles – the result is maximum transparency and lightness. Thus, the view is not captured by walls, but can wander carefree into the distance and get inspiration and relaxation in the green, in the lake. The airy visual impression is supplemented by sound insulation and odour protection and also has an energy-saving potential.

"With our school centre, we are providing the best pedagogical support in a state-of-the-art environment. The school meets current and future requirements in the field of education to the highest degree and offers the best conditions for flexible, contemporary learning and teaching," said Mayor Harald Köhlmeier. The architecture meets this demand perfectly through the large-scale use of glass elements. They enter into a harmonious symbiosis with the high-quality parquet flooring, wood-aluminium windows, white doors and cabinet systems. Reduced in design, high quality in functionality and practicality.

"The glass walls with the view from one classroom via the open learning landscape to the other classrooms and group rooms prove their worth daily. Everyone sees everyone else and knows from each other who is working with whom or what. The transparency as a goal of the architecture was fully achieved to the satisfaction of the children and teachers," said Christian Grabher, headmaster of the middle school, who is delighted by the GM ALL-GLASS SYSTEM. Glas Marte managing director Bernhard Feigl added: "We are particularly pleased to hear that our solution has also proven its worth in everyday life. This once again confirms our claim to combine aesthetics with maximum functionality."

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