Lightness meets privacy

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South of Essen city centre lies Rüttenscheid – an urban district that combines a high quality of life with the best infrastructure and a variety of leisure and cultural offerings.

A modern residential building with quality furnished, light-flooded apartments was built here. Translucent glass sliding elements in front of the spacious balcony loggias convey a sense of both lightness and privacy to the residents.

In the midst – the new residential building in the south of Essen scores on the one hand due to its location and on the other hand due to its modern architecture. Just eight private apartments in one building create individuality in a small and thus manageable owner community. High-quality furnishings, light-flooded rooms, open floor plans and spacious balcony loggias facing south/west playfully meet the high requirements for modern residential construction.

Creating urban highlights with balcony glazing

The balcony loggias were all equipped with GM TOPROLL® 10/14 sliding systems as well as GM RAILING® all-glass railings from Glas Marte and thus form a highlight of the object.

Translucent glass sliding elements with slender system profiles convey lightness and functionality for the residents' privacy. These fit perfectly into the neighbouring border development. The sliding elements pick up on the neighbouring glass parapets – but in a modern and slender way.


Harmonious overall picture

Particular attention was paid to the installation of the GM TOPROLL® 10/14 system in front of the GM RAILING® system. Both systems were to be mounted together on the edges of the precast concrete parts. For this purpose, a special detail was developed for the sub-profile, which combines both systems perfectly. The upper edge of the clamping profile of the glass parapet as well as the upper edge of the running shoe of the sliding elements line up, so that a harmonious overall picture results for the viewer. The combination of the two systems from Glas Marte thus meet the highest architectural requirements.


Architecture: Architekturbüro Becker, Essen

Client: WGZ ImmobilienKontor GmbH & Co. KG, Münster