Luminous images

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As a family business that has been busy with restoration and glass preservation since 1930, we were able to make a contribution to the exhibition.

Luminous images – they are ubiquitous and yet they are mostly overlooked. The magnificent stained glass windows of Vorarlberg's churches are among the largest public images. In their iconography, history and art history, they are unfamiliar and incomprehensible to many people today. If one gets involved in it, the art of glass painting is uniquely fascinating. Its attraction is based on the tension between the glass and the ever-changing light that brings the colours to life.

Glass preservation and restoration. Preserving history in the present for the future.

The restoration and preservation of historical glass art requires many skills. Technical and economic factors must be taken into account in equal measure, and requirements for monument protection and details of building diagnostics must be incorporated. In order for history to be experienced in the future, professionals are required who set to work with craftsmanship and today's technology – without forgetting the traditional processes. Professionals like those at Glas Marte.