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GM OVERHEAD® – glass canopy

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Anyone who has ever stood at the front door in the rain, desperately searching all their pockets for their front door key, appreciates the presence of a canopy. Conversely, the greatest possible incidence of light should be ensured when the sun is shining outside. Thus, a glass canopy is the best choice, as it covers both requirements.

Particularly in demand
Wind, snow and ice loads on the canopy as well as the dead weight of the glass lead to higher thermal and mechanical stresses in overhead glazing compared to vertical glazing. Therefore, the glazing must be able to absorb these loads continuously. Specifically for this purpose, Glas Marte has developed the GM OVERHEAD point holding system, which is suitable for both the private and public sector. Equipped with the general building authority approval for Germany (AbZ.: Z.70.3-103), a wide range of applications opens up.


Outstanding Materials
GM LSG LAMIMART® made of double HSG is recommended for a glass canopy in the outdoor area. All metal fittings are in stainless steel quality without exception. Those fittings that come into contact with the glass surface are made of weather-resistant plastic. In addition to the well-thought-out choice of materials, the superior point holder GM OVERHEAD is characterised by the movable support, the glass-covering clamping surface as well as sufficient play in the glass borehole. Last but not least, processors enjoy the simple and at the same time visually flawless assembly, planners the manifold possibilities of GM SURFACE FINISHING.


Product advantages
» system with three holder diameters (45 mm/60 mm/80 mm)
» approved for snow loads up to 1.5 kN/m2
» large formats possible, e.g. 1,800 x 4,080 mm
» general building authority approval for Germany (AbZ no. Z-70.3-103)

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