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A clear field of view, light and light-heartedness, space for inspiration and open communication – at the same time space for personal conversations and quiet minutes to sort one's thoughts or make undisturbed phone calls: Modern offices place high demands on architects and planners. The simple and aesthetic solutions are our glass partition wall systems, which enable both openness and privacy.

Translucent room dividers
Our GM FRAME PROFILES ensure particular clarity at the Steinbeis Transfer Center in Friedrichshafen. Recently installed by GLAShaus from Weingarten, the frames with their narrow facing width provide the necessary structure without weighing down the rooms. This lightness of the all-glass complete solutions opens up complete freedom of design for the entire room concept. As the photos show, all possibilities are still open to interior design. Precisely because of the otherwise completely transparent room dividers, the planners deliberately opted for visual highlights in the form of coloured profiles. The trend colour black gives the rooms additional contour and makes them unique.


Cleverly simple
Technically at the highest level, changeable due to the variety in the surface design and as simple as could be in terms of assembly and care, a glass partition wall by Glas Marte is the epitome of modern interior architecture. With the smooth glass surfaces and the slender, barely visible system profiles, maximum transparency and lightness can be achieved. In addition, our frame door systems impress with their variety of combination options for every design requirement. In use, the glass partition wall systems score with noise insulation, odour protection, their energy-saving potential and – depending on the surface design – as sight screens.

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