Living trends 2022

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FurNEARture and Conscious Kitchen – have you heard of them? These two living trends have arisen from the generally recognisable desire for regionalisation, sustainability and conscious living. Glass as a building material is the perfect answer.


Consumers want to know where and with which materials their furniture was produced. «We are proud to process such an environmentally friendly building material,» says managing director Bernhard Feigl. The components of glass – sand, lime and sodium carbonate – are absolutely natural. Choosing a Glas Marte solution means investing in sustainable quality: Glass is durable, scratchproof and weather-resistant, and our systems impress with their timeless design. However, should glass break, it is 100 % recyclable. The waste produced at Glas Marte during manufacturing is also recycled by renowned Austrian partner companies and returned to the economic cycle.


Sustainability and the appreciation of the regional craftsmanship have become important decision-making criteria. Glas Marte operates a workshop at its Bregenz location where work is still done by hand, where a wide variety of furnishings are produced with a sure instinct and where young people are trained as glass construction technicians, thus investing in the future.


One of our most sustainable solutions is our UNIGLAS® INSULATING GLASS, which has the best thermal insulating properties on the market and thus makes a decisive contribution to energy efficiency. You've also come to the right place if you want not only to save energy but also to actively protect birds with your windows: We have various glass refinement options that prevent bird strikes in an elegant and sustainable way.


When furnishing their kitchen, people are increasingly attaching importance to design and functional materials that support them in living healthier and more consciously. We also accommodate this trend with our jointless kitchen splashbacks and worktops. Glass offers endless design possibilities, be it through printing, the integration or films and textiles, or surface treatments. Glass is also particularly easy to clean and absolutely hygienic thanks to its smooth, non-porous surface. We recommend nothing but pure water and an absorbent cloth or sponge, at most neutral, mild cleaners. This way, neither your health nor the environment is adversely affected.