New Patterned Glass

Extended glass pattern collection

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The Glas Marte glass pattern collection has been extended by a new patterned glass that gives architects and processors even more design leeway.


GM ORNAMENT 157 that's the name of the new glass in our box. We had it in our range a few years ago under the name Listral Blank. Now it has returned, because patterned glass is and remains a popular element in interior design in order to set visual highlights. Due to its properties, patterned glass is translucent, but not transparent. It thus creates an attractive glass sight screen. Our new patterned glass impresses with its interesting refraction: If it is installed in a regular manner, i.e. with the pattern running vertically, the rooms to the left and right of the pane are also illuminated. If it is installed with the pattern running horizontally, the ceiling and floor are illuminated.


Technical Data

  • Glass types: TSG, LSG
  • Glass thickness 4 mm: 1,650 x 3,200 mm
  • Glass thickness 6 mm: 2,150 x 3,300 mm