Pastel, upholstery & lots of glass

Modern office design with GM RAILING® BENT

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If an office furniture manufacturer doesn't know how modern offices need to be set up, who does? Sedus Stoll AG, experts in this field, had their own ideas about the "office of the future" in the redesign of their headquarters – and rightly relied on 400 metres of our GM RAILING® BENT curved glass railing.

Glass railings in the Smart Office
The Sedus Smart Office, designed by Moser Architekten Lörrach, also serves as a workplace for its own employees and at the same time as a prototype and showcase for international customers. Since the renovation, many different departments, including the executive board, have been working in a single spacious room. Places are set up at different levels for the essential work processes of communication, cooperation, concentration and relaxation. All of these are secured and almost invisibly separated from each other by Glas Marte glass railings. A well-thought-out colour concept integrates the different, individually arranged and equipped areas into a harmonious whole. The Smart Office offers a skilful mix of openness and security, fixed and flexible workplaces in the middle of an attractive office landscape. The whole thing is rounded off by a sophisticated lighting concept that uses as much daylight as possible and artificial light if necessary – light intensity and colour temperature are adapted to the time of day and season. Sedus shows in impressive fashion how offices can be designed today and how interdisciplinary teamwork can work.


GM RAILING® BENT – clearly curved
Just as clear as the design in the open space concept of Sedus Stoll is the architectural language of this curved glass railing. The high-quality glass bedding remains the same across all radii and bending forms and allows systematised statics. This significantly simplifies the verification procedure.


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