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Today we are taking a look back: A few years ago, Glas Marte received an order to develop a combination solution for a residential complex. Its balconies were to unite a sliding system with a glass railing. We were happy to be the matchmaker in this marriage!


The residential complex is located in Luxembourg, in the centre of Mondorf-les-Bains to be exact. Three four-storey buildings, two of them arranged in a T-shape, form a visual unit together and blend discretely into their surroundings in a modern way: on one side a residential area with detached houses surrounded by green space and woods, on the other a casino and various shops and amenities. Surrounded by a generously sized park with an integrated water basin, a complex with 150 residential units was built on the property. The project was planned by  SchemelWirtz Architectes Associés. In addition to trees, bushes, lawns and water, the wooden flooring of the patios makes for an inviting, homely atmosphere. The 30 m² balconies on both sides of the respective building are fitted with Glas Marte sliding systems and glass railings, framed by sheet metal cladding. Stylish anti drop device as well as reliable sight and wind protection is thus ensured.

Special order

The form in which the system was ultimately installed had not existed up to that point. Glas Marte is well known for finding suitable solutions together with architects and building owners. Therefore, a profile was developed that accommodates both the glass railing and a guide rail for the sliding system. The glass railing was hooked in at the bottom of this steel structure and the sliding system profile at the top. The GM TOPROLL® 10/14 sliding system is thus now mounted on the front of the balconies of floors 1 – 4 and the GM RAILING® UNI SOLO glass railing system on the side facing the apartment. The facade is given a finishing touch in the form of sheet metal cladding in between and on the front side, which harmonises perfectly with the greenish sliding glazing. The moving elements provide for a lively, dynamic appearance. On the ground floor, the water basin itself as well as the bridges that span it are framed by Glas Marte all-glass railings. The laterally mounted GM RAILING® UNI SIDE system was used here, which is particularly suitable for stairs and ramps on account of its low installation depth. This building illustrates once again why you should get in touch with the solution-oriented developers and technicians from Glas Marte when things get tricky.