The secret of a good sliding system

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Glas Marte sliding systems offer many advantages: They do not leave their plane, are comfortable and are made of as much glass and as little aluminium as possible. We will gladly tell you why they are also particularly smooth-running and durable.

Roller Technology

One thing is crucial for the serviceability of GM SLIDING SYSTEMS: the roller technology! Glas Marte has always used rollers of a very high quality for its sliding doors. The rollers are made of stainless steel and have a plastic coating. Here, the inner and outer roller surfaces are ground and the plastic is turned. Outside and inside the rollers are protected with a cover and are fully greased. These extra properties enable easy and smooth running. for decades!


Easy Starting

Sliding doors are flexible, practical and aesthetic room partitions. As opposed to their name, they do not slide most of the time. Instead, they stay in the same place for weeks or months. Outdoors they are exposed to great heat, cold or humidity. It is crucial that they start up easily the moment they are moved. And that is precisely what Glas Marte sliding systems do!

Flexible Towards Requirements

Tandem rollers are used with heavy sliding elements: Two rollers are mounted on a rocker, so that the force is distributed to both rollers. Single or tandem rollers are adjustable in height. Height compensation is not usually necessary with Glas Marte sliding systems. But just in case: In case of need, this allows the alignment if necessary. The roller is fixed by simply snapping the end piece into the profile. A securing screw ensures additional safety with very heavy sliding doors.