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Glass is invisible. No, it's not! At Glas Marte we have glass in thousands of colours. No limits are imposed on the creative freedom of designers. With GM LAMIMART® COLOR you can choose between an incredible 17,000 transparent, translucent or opaque colours.

How does it work?
The PVB foils in our GM LAMIMART® COLOR SELECTOR are based on four basic colours, each with two different light transmittances. This creates an assortment of eight colours. The layering of any combination of these eight base foils creates thousands of possibilities. Whether transparent, translucent or opaque, glossy or matt – everything is possible.


What can it do?
The foils used contain heat and light-resistant colour pigments. As a result, the colours do not fade, but remain stable in the long term. In addition, the foils shield up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays up to a wavelength of 380 nm. This also protects fabrics and furnishings against fading. Controlling visible light transmittance reduces glare and solar heat gain.


Where to use it?
LSG is in demand wherever security is paramount. Both indoors and outdoors. LSG reduces the risk of injury, provides sound, heat or solar protection, protects against burglary and storm damage, and even offers protection against projectiles and explosion.


Colours decisively determine the perception of a room. With GM LAMIMART® COLOR, designers have every possibility to achieve the desired effect.


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