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Actually, it doesn't need to be said: Glas Marte solutions are both aesthetic and functional. Always. This is also the case with our latest development: UNIGLAS® INSULATING GLASS TEA EDGE ENAMEL. The black enamel layer skilfully conceals construction elements in all-glass construction and protects insulating glass edge seals against UV rays.

Challenge with TEA EDGE ENAMEL
The Magnetron sputter functional layer is crucial for insulating glass to fully develop its properties. This coating allows only certain wavelengths of global radiation through the pane and thus optimises the radiation properties of the glass. It is essential to preserve them! Glas Marte also knows how: No removal of edge coating takes place with TEA edge enamel (True Edge Application). Instead, the enamel fuses with the coating of UNIGLAS® energy-saving, noise protection and sun protection insulating glass to form a permanently stable bond.

Your benefits
TEA by Glas Marte scores three times – on an aesthetic, qualitative and logistical level: Insulating glass with black edge enamel makes construction elements invisible. In addition, the sensitive coatings are much better protected. Since we produce everything from safety glass to TEA to the finished insulating glass in our own factory, the delivery time is significantly shortened.


Tested quality
TEA can be applied to coated GM TSG SECURMART® or GM HSG SECURMART®. This edge enamelling technology is certified by ift Rosenheim for structural bonds according to ETAG 002. In addition, Glas Marte is the only insulating glass manufacturer to hold a certificate for static bonds from the DIBt (ETA approval).


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» Glass fins
» Stepped glazing and all-glass corners
» Structural glazing bonds
» Roof glazing with overhanging glass step


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