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LSG itself is already very resistant. With the SentryGlas 5000 Ionoplast interlayer it is particularly resistant to external influences. It is five times stronger and a hundred times stiffer than conventional intermediate layers. Laminated safety glass can thus be made thinner and lighter.

Open edges & clear optics
SentryGlas 5000 achieves top marks for all properties: In terms of residual load capacity, coupling effect and structural properties, the values are excellent – both at room temperature and at raised temperatures. In addition, the sealant compatibility and edge stability are outstanding. Open edges are no problem at all thanks to SentryGlas 5000. And those who attach greater importance to the looks will be thrilled by the undisturbed clarity! This is particularly evident in multi-layer laminated glass superstructures.


Production criteria at Glas Marte
» minimum glass dimensions: 200 x 300 mm
» maximum glass dimensions: 2,400 x 5,000 mm
» Glass thicknesses: LSG 8.2 (8.76 mm) to LSG 24.4 (25.52 mm)
» Types of glass: Float (from 4 mm), TSG and HSG (each from 5 mm)


Benefits at a glance
» excellent edge stability (even with open edges)
» particularly resistant to temperatures and loads
» unclouded clarity
» high shear modulus
» exceptional residual load-bearing capacity

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