Goodbye to droplet infections

GM GLASS GUARD against viruses

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In particular in times like these, but also in future, we have to protect ourselves and our fellow human beings against infection with viruses and other pathogens. A droplet infection can be effectively prevented by the mobile GM GLASS GUARD.

Viruses and other pathogens have no chance on glass. While transparent plastics such as acrylite glass are extremely sensitive to chemical disinfectants, the latter cannot damage glass. Such agents contain 62 to 71% ethanol and 0.1% sodium hypochlorite. Plexiglas and the like develop cracks as a result, which means that the minimum hygienic standards are no longer guaranteed. However, the pore-free, smooth glass surface is extremely resistant to disinfectants, extremely durable and always hygienically clean.


Every day there are encounters between people who are already ill and healthy people. Preventing the further spread of Corona viruses while maintaining operations poses a challenge to many companies. "We at Glas Marte have therefore developed a mobile glass guard specifically for the exchange of documents. The face protector is quickly available and can be installed in next to no time," says Managing Director Bernhard Feigl. Glas Marte delivers the glass guard in two days. It is mobile and does not require any assembly.

Dimensions of the GM GLASS GUARD
The protective glass partition wall made of 8 mm GM TSG SECURMART® is available in two versions:

  • GM GLASS GUARD HIGH: 700 x 900 mm (250 x 120 mm service hatch): Glass pane with service hatch and feet, suitable as a mobile protective shield in retail outlets, banks, pharmacies, filling stations, kiosks or medical practices
  • GM GLASS GUARD WIDE: 1,016 x 620 mm (1,000 x 20 mm slit for documents): Glass partition wall with narrow slit for passing documents through, for notaries, law firms, architects, agencies as well as all meeting rooms as a permanent transparent piece of furniture

In addition, Glas Marte also accepts customer requests and manufactures the GM GLASS GUARD with special dimensions.


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