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Two series united

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Between massive walls and a beautiful new building, a charming ensemble with different viewing places was created on several levels. A contemporary interpretation of a patio with an incomparable view, which of course also took into account the safety aspect. In this respect, present-day architecture is almost inconceivable without all-glass railings and glass parapets. The combination of functional protective railings with aesthetic requirements as well as legal requirements is met by GM RAILING® as it were.

The modular principle (glass and profile are delivered complete to the building site) significantly reduces design and planning costs. A system that is particularly popular with processors, as it enables very fast assembly with infinitely adjustability.


Two of the nine GM RAILING® series were implemented in the specific example. The basic profile of GM RAILING® Side is intended for lateral attachment to a ceiling edge. Simple installation on different materials such as concrete, wood or steel and inclined surfaces such as ramps or stairs is possible with GM RAILING® Side. The construction cover can be executed in different surfaces.


GM RAILING® Massive is a railing fastening principle for all-glass railings according to TRAV/Cat. B, designed for installation situations where the construction is no longer accessible at the side. The profile can be attached to a solid structure from above or on the side. It is multifunctional and therefore also very popular in private use. The U series is characterised by a clear geometric form.