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After their reopening, people are drawn back to cafés and restaurants. One locality that should be visited in Austria is the Postgarage in Dornbirn – not only because of the service, but because of the harmonious interior design.

A lot has happened at Campus V in Dornbirn in recent years. Commercial spaces, offices, a lively working environment, including additional offerings such as childcare and catering as well as coworking spaces are developing alongside and with one another on the site. New, divided workspaces have also been created: "the Postgarage". Where buses used to turn, data transfer and communication now play the main role. The old halls of the postbus garages have been converted for the digital scene. The Postgarage sees itself as a platform for talented people, professionals, start-ups and lateral thinkers, promotes bold ideas and experiments and provides creative spaces for work, collaboration and prototyping.


Those who work in such an inspiring environment also want to spend their breaks and business lunches in an appropriate atmosphere. For this purpose, the Café Postgarage was created, which combines urban lifestyle with traditional coffee house culture. The facility was designed by the architect Oskar Leo Kaufmann: Grey in various shades dominates the rooms from the floor to the counter and from the walls to the ceiling. This strong, elegant colour scheme is interrupted only by elements made of wood and glass. For example, a glass display case, also smoke-grey, is inset into the counter, in which the opposite polychrome sliding doors are reflected. The designers consciously opted here for our GM LIGHTROLL® 10/12 frameless sliding system. Executed in GM LSG LAMIMART®, the integrated and differently coloured foils are not only a visual highlight, they also open the view to the outdoor area of the café. The twelve sliding doors run on three levels and serve as a tried and tested wind and weather protection for the guests. Non-rusting ball bearing rollers in aluminium running rails and retracted brush seals guarantee smooth running and low-maintenance durability. The lower running rail is anodised black-like in accordance with the design in an industrial style. A special milling is integrated into it, which ensures optimum water drainage on the profile surface. The sliding system was fixed with aluminium brackets.


System: GM LIGHTROLL® 10/12
Glass type: GM LSG LAMIMART®: LSG 10 mm made of 2 x 5 mm float clear including double PVB foil (0.76 mm colour foil)
Light sizes: Width 10,590 mm, height: 2,740 mm

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