Reflective glass in chrome, gold and copper

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So that your buildings make a unique impression, we have developed and continue to develop various glass processing options. One of these is the partial chrome plating of glass surfaces. We have not rested on our laurels since we first reported on this extraordinary reflective design, but have optimised it even further.

More Design Options

GM CHROME stands for highly reflective glass – durable and stable. Glas Marte applies individual designs and patterns to the glass surface, entirely in accordance with the customer's wishes and requirements. It is now also possible to apply the motifs to level 1. In addition to chrome, reflective gold and copper are also possible. The glass panes are toughened in the Glas Marte factory and are suitable for use in LSG or in an insulating glass unit. Thermal insulation and solar protection become attractive architectural design tools with this shiny chrome plating!

Faster Processing

We have not only made the product itself better, but also the handling: We have refined our processes, handle everything in-house from the order to processing to dispatch and can therefore deliver more quickly. There are no unnecessary waiting times for you.


Partially chrome-plated window panes ensure reliable and at the same time architecturally appealing bird protection. Shop windows made of reflective glass are also particular eye-catchers whose motifs change as one walks past thanks to different prints on the individual glass panes.


Areas of use: