Timber Construction And Glass Railings

Detailed drawings for joiners and carpenters

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Our GM RAILING® glass railings have decisive positive system properties, especially in timber construction. With the new detailed drawings, Glas Marte supports the order of the day: sensible, sustainable construction.


Timber construction and Glas Marte glass railings have a common recipe for success: prefabrication under ideal conditions. Homogeneous glass support and fast, simple installation are thus guaranteed with GM RAILING® glass modules. The modular principle also has the advantage of a clear separation of the performances of the individual trades on the building site. As is well known, accumulating wetness and wood don't go together particularly well. That's why Glas Marte attaches particular importance to drainage and ensures that dirt and moisture never penetrate in the first place. An optional second sealing level increases safety even further. Due to dispensing with wedges during assembly, subsequent slipping and thus permanent deformation of our glass railings are impossible: GM RAILING® can be readjusted in a jiffy without special knowledge if minor component changes should occur in the timber substructure and thus in the clamping area. In addition, GM RAILING® glass railing systems always return to their original position after being subjected to a load, as can be seen in the video:

Building sustainably

Like timber, glass is a sustainable building material. Glass is 100 % recyclable as it consists of natural constituents such as sand, lime and sodium carbonate. In addition, Glas Marte has made the use of materials in all GM RAILING® glass railing systems more efficient. The combination of glass and timber elements on the building site thus not only unites trendsetting technologies, but also meets the highest architectural demands for design and aesthetics at the same time.

Download detailed drawings

In our public download section you will find all the GM RAILING® detailed drawings that have already been proven in practice. There is a choice of DXF or PDF format. Registered users can obtain hundreds of additional connection details and execution variants in the Service portal. After logging in, joiners and carpenters can now also find what they're looking for, because we have prepared special detailed drawings for timber construction and have now made them available to joiners and carpenters to make their planning even easier. In the product report, we demonstrate the advantages of a glass/timber construction briefly and concisely to architects and timber construction firms. We'll be only too pleased to support your experts in the planning and preparation of individual detailed drawings for your specific project!